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Depending on the age of your family members, and the types of conditions you or they may be living with, there is a wide variability in how people are living with and protecting themselves from developing Covid-19. Some people are still cautiously living and working from home while others have jumped back into their pre-pandemic lives.

Based in Anchorage, Alaska, Doug and Max Franklin want to highlight that there are options between being completely isolated and feeling fatalistic. Their business, Airhounds, can help individuals, organizations, and businesses accurately assess the air quality of their environments and helps with developing recommendations for filtering or ventilating the area to improve problem conditions.

Additionally, they are in the process of developing a wearable sensor that will help users assess the air quality of the environments they are in. Wondering whether you should go to that bar, restaurant, gathering, or concert? Airhounds can provide insights to help better evaluate conditions and create a customized risk assessment.

Join Health TIE on May 12 to learn more about Airhounds.

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