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Resolve to Have Better Health Habits in 2022

There are plenty of healthcare conditions that are just plain bad luck, but there are others in which individuals have an important role in preventing and understanding them. Getting regular exercise, focusing on a healthy diet, and moderating alcohol intake all ways individuals can avoid expensive, difficult diagnoses and debilitating health conditions. Magical thinking sometimes makes us think we can have some bad habits, get a lecture from our doctor, and then get a quick fix through a procedure or pill. Not only is that misguided, but it is an expensive, uncertain solution. As we wind up 2021 and look to January for a fresh start, it is time to renew those commitments to better health habits.

Through increasing use of telehealth, remote monitoring, and apps, healthcare is something that extends far beyond the walls of doctors’ offices. Make reasonable goals you can stick to, give yourself grace when you backslide, and find or make a supportive community. There are numerous online programs and health resources to support anyone who is trying to make positive changes. Take ownership of your health and resolve to work toward prevention in 2022!

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